Drawing inspiration from the zines we will explore in class, create a personal zine that reflects who you are. You can use any technique you like, so long as the final result can be photocopied on two sheets of 8.5x11in paper and stapled into a booklet.

Bring 20 copies of your perzine to class on October 13 (you can print and copy at the library; the copies for class will cost you $4 plus the cost of any additional copying you do while constructing your zine). You’ll give one to each of your classmates, one to your instructor, donate one to the Women’s Studies Multimedia Studio Zine Library, and we’ll use the remaining four for an exercise in class.

Your grade for this project will be based on the reflection you write in the blog post due October 16.

Your reflection should:

  • Describe the process of creating your zine. How did you decide what to include? What techniques did you use in creating it? To what extent does the final product reflect your initial ideas?
  • Include at least one photograph of your finished zine.
  • Reflect on how much creating a zine differed from, and how much it resembled, other ways you have shared your personal perspective (from social media to class projects).
  • Compare your zine to your classmates’ and/or to examples from the readings/from class. What can you learn from the similarities and differences? From the way people interacted with your zine when we workshopped them in class?
  • Optionally, if this exercise has inspired you to further thoughts on media, culture, capstone projects, life, the universe, and everything, tell us about them.

There is no required word count for the report, though I expect that these will be longer than your weekly blogs; take as much space as you need to reflect thoughtfully on all of these areas.

Note: If you choose to create a zine for your final project, you must create a more ambitious project that expands on your perzine or is based on a new idea. You might choose to write a longer zine, a series of zines, or a digital project based on zine aesthetics.