Blog posts

Over the course of the semester, you will make eight blog posts. Each post is worth 10 points and will ask you to reflect on readings and on class activities. Blog posts are due most Fridays at 5pm.

I’m asking you to make these posts because we learn better when we pause to reflect on our activities; things that didn’t seem important at the time can come to feel much more significant. This kind of reflection also helps us to come up with new creative ideas; when the capstone due date draws near, looking over these posts might help you see ways that class materials can enhance your capstone project ideas.

In your reflective blog posts, answer the following questions:

• What was the most memorable element of this week’s readings, discussions, and activities?
• What question(s) did the class raise for you (about material we covered, or about something related)?
• What more would you like to explore about this material?

Write at least 400 words.

Blogs posted after the deadline will receive half points.

Blog post due dates:

September 4 (introductory post: see instructions)
September 11

September 18
September 25

October 9
October 23

November 6
November 13