First blog: introduce yourself

Due Friday September 4. If you are a new member joining the class during the add/drop period, your introductory blog will be due by the end of the week in which you join us.

Write a blog post that includes the following:

1. A paragraph introducing yourself to the class. You might want to include aspects of your identity that are important to you, goals for your semester in DCC and beyond, maybe even a link to a personal website if you have one.

2. Find an image, video, or link to show us something in the realm of media, culture, and identity (defined however you want) that matters to you. Make sure to embed the image or video in your post, and to link back to where you found it (with a HTML link coded correctly, not just a pasted URL). Explain what you have chosen and why you have chosen it.

3. Tell us which part of the course you are most looking forward to.

Welcome to Media, Culture, and Identity!

We’ll use this website for all class materials, though grades will be posted on ELMS for confidentiality. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone on Tuesday!

As soon as possible and before the end of the first week of classes, please fill out the form below. All responses are confidential; only I (Dr Lothian) have access, and I won’t be sharing your answers with anyone.